2019 is start of End Days / 2019 is de start van de eindtijd


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2019 is start of End Days / 2019 is de start van de eindtijd











preview en aankoop boek “De Openbaring “: 





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  1. The Second Coming at the End Times is certainly based in scripture but then I think “if He is in our midst every moment in a presence of sort or through the Holy Spirit why is there a need for a Second Coming ?” He appears everytime we exhibit lives in Christian charity or perhaps that event is for each of us Christians when we die and enter His Kingdom.

    • Hos second coming is the end of evil. There are souls who will enter the lake of fire, with satan and his demons ( the fallen angels) and there are souls who will enter heaven. A person who passes away now is not in heaven, his soul is in a kind of paradise. The second coming of Jesus Christ is for a final judgment. Then he will create a new heaven and a new earth.

    • Yes 🙂 Now we are living in a time of the batlle of souls. Satan does everything to deceive people so that they can not be saved for eternal live. A person who believes in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, for the sinn of the world, is saved. Look John11: 24-26

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